The American Decorative Arts Forum is proud to have brought over 31 years of outstanding lectures by scholars and experts in American decorative arts to Northern California.

  1. 2009

    1. Jan13Lecture Icon

      Historic American Landscapes: Creating a Sense of Time and Place

      John Forti, Strawbery Banke

    2. Feb10Lecture Icon

      Streamlining: The American Contribution to Modernism

      Jeffrey Meikle, University of Texas at Austin

    3. Mar10Lecture Icon
    4. Apr14Lecture Icon

      Scrimshaw, The Whalemen’s Art

      Stuart Frank, New Bedford Whaling Museum

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    11. Sep08Lecture Icon
    12. Oct27Lecture Icon

      America’s First Face: The Progress of Portrait Miniatures in the New Republic

      Elle Shushan, Philadelphia, PA

    13. Nov10Lecture Icon

      Ornamented Furniture of the Inland South, 1775-1850

      Sumpter Priddy, Alexandria, VA

    14. Dec08Lecture Icon