The American Decorative Arts Forum is proud to have brought over 31 years of outstanding lectures by scholars and experts in American decorative arts to Northern California.

  1. 2006

    1. Jan10Lecture Icon

      Lions & Eagles & Bulls: Early American Tavern and Inn Signs

      Susan Schoelwer, Connecticut Historical Society Museum

    2. Feb14Lecture Icon

      Blueprints for Modern Living: LA in the 50s and 60s

      Elizabeth Smith, Museum of Contemporary Art

    3. Mar14Lecture Icon

      From Rome to San Francisco Direct: American Neoclassical Sculpture in the Victorian Age

      Thayer Tolles, Metropolitan Museum of Art

    4. Apr11Lecture Icon

      The Art of the Garden, Indoors

      Peter Brown, Fairfax House

    5. May09Lecture Icon

      Gambling Collectors: Chippendale Furniture and its Revival in America During the 1890s

      Thomas Michie, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

    6. Jun13Lecture Icon

      Carpets and Colors in the American Home, 1800–1900

      Jean Dunbar, Lexington, VA

    7. Jul11Lecture Icon

      On the Walls: Window Treatments in the American Home, 1750–1900

      Natalie Larson, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

    8. Aug08Lecture Icon

      Of Show and Splendour: Charleston’s Federal Interiors

      Robert Leath, Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts

    9. Sep12Lecture Icon

      Imports and Industry: Glass Made and Used in Early America

      Mary Cheek Mils, Corning Museum Of Glass

    10. Oct10Lecture Icon

      Preserved and Properly Covered: 250 Years of Historic Upholstery

      Elizabeth Lahikainen, Peabody Essex Museum

    11. Nov14Lecture Icon

      Building Newport Furniture Today: Carving and Construction by a Modern Master

      Alan Breed, South Berwick

    12. Dec12Lecture Icon

      'Cups that Cheer': Tea Drinking in Early America

      Beth Wees, Metropolitan Museum of Art